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Repair bench and Bike tools available for use free of charge at our Outdoors Unlimited shop

Bike Tunes
  • Derailleur and brake installs/adjustments, light cleaning and inspecting for wear on components and bike.
  • Basic tune PLUS wheel true OR deep drive train clean.
  • Basic bike tune plus wheel true AND deep drive train clean.
  • Complete overhaul of bike, hubs, bottom bracket, headset and deep clean of drive train. Replace all cables and housing.
  • Getting those gears to work the way they are supposed to without doing a complete tune up. Includes proper alignment of derailleur, setting of limit screws, and proper cable tension adjustment (per derailleur charge).
  • For road, mountain, cyclocross, and bmx bikes running cable actuated brakes (per brake charge).
  • Bleeding/adjusting or installing of hydrualic brakes (per brake charge).
  • Removal of any lateral play in the bottom bracket shell.
  • Measuring and cutting of steer tube, install of crown race.
  • Replacing old bar tape with new, or installation of new bar tape.
  • Removal and cleaning of accessible bearings, proper adjustment of hub.
  • Removal and cleaning of accessible bearings, proper adjustment of hub.
  • Installing headset cups, cleaning and installing accessible bearings and crown race, adjustment of headset.
  • Removal and cleaning of bottom bracket and accessible bearings, cleaning and chasing of bottom bracket shell.
Chain Cleaning/repair- $10
  • Deep clean of chain and getting those frozen links out of your chain.
Pedal Swap – $5
  • Install of new pedals.
Pedal Re‐tap – $17
  • Removing stripped threads and placing new threads in crank arm.
Cassette/Freewheel Swap – $5
  • Changing or installing gears on rear wheel.
Disc Rotor True – $10
  • Repairing warped sections of your disc rotor.
Cleaning Fee – $10
  • Removal of biohazards (blood), deep cleaning from your dirty ride, or anything else we don’t want to touch or that would prevent a repair from proper functioning.
Box a Bike – $20
  • Get that bike ready to ship home! Boxed in a bike box with proper packing materials for a safe delivery to its destination. (shipping extra)
Shop 1/2hr Labor Charge – $30
  • To build your bike, overhaul your mountain fork, or petty much anything else not included above.
Tube replacement – $5
Chain Replacement – $5
Wheel True – $12
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Basic Tune & Wax – $35
  • Stone grind and sand plus edge sharpening and a hot wax
High Performance Tune & Wax – $50
  • Stone grind and sand plus edge sharpening and includes hand wax
Hot Wax & Side Edges – $18
Hot Wax – $5
Performance Hot Wax – $15
  • hand wax
P-Tex Repair starts at – $8
Delamination Repairs – $20
Binding Test & Adjust – $15
Alpine Binding Mount & Adjust – $35
Alpine Binding Remount – $42
Snowboard Binding Mount – $5